Your Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Trees and shrubs can be a huge part of your yard's aesthetic.  They can also play a huge part in the health of your yard.  We have the tools to keep your trees and shrubs in top-notch shape.  Pricing starts at $84.35 plus tax.  Prices vary depending on time and gallons used for the applications.



  • Tree nutrient injection
  • Soil drench with nutrients and inseciticdes
  • Foilar tree spraying with insecticdes and fungicides

Deep Root Fertilization

Maintain the health of your trees and shrubs with a Fall and/or Spring deep root fertilization.  Combat the damage caused by insects and disease thru prevenative drench applications and/or curative foiler applications that are properly timed to maximize control and benefit for your trees and shrubs well being and appearance.  

Tree Injections 

Tree injections may also be necessary from time to time to sustain mature trees that are no longer able to maintain certain nutrient levels due to our local soils.  You can find a video on how we perform tree injections here.

Interested in a landscaping consultation?

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