Wrapping Trees

Winter is here and with it brings a question.  Should I wrap my trees?  The answer is probably yes if they meet specific criteria.  Is the tree under 5 years old, has thin bark, is potentially exposed to salt spraying, or is at risk for sun-scald?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might want to wrap your trees.


So what should you wrap your trees in?  A lot of people recommend burlap or another form of insulating material.  To wrap your tree start from the bottom and loosely wrap it all the way to the first branch or top depending on the type of tree/protection.  After wrapping tighten the top, bottom, and middle with twine.


You will want to wrap your trees before the first major freeze or when temperatures are getting consistent at below freezing.  After the last freeze of the season, you can unwrap your trees.  You may require more protection for your wrapping if wildlife becomes an issue.


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