January 2022 Newsletter

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We hope you all are having a great start to 2022.  We decided to start the year off implementing our new monthly newsletter.  This will help keep you up-to-date with deals, seasonal tips, and other important information.  The goal is to help keep you in the know when it comes to what is going on throughout the season.  One of the best ways to prevent damage to your lawns, trees, and plants is to know what might be causing the problem in the first place.  A good example is with the Army Worm issue last year.  It caught us all off guard and created a lot of damage.  Knowing what to be on the lookout for is a great way to lessen or prevent major damage.  We know you work hard to keep your yards looking beautiful.  We want to help keep you informed.  If this newsletter is something you don't want to receive, you can hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.  Or you can send us an email at Support@jojacs.com.  
Deals on Tree Work
From January 3rd 2022 to February 28th 2022 we will have a deal on all tree work completed.  If your work is completed between those dates you will get 15% off your bill.  No job to small for this offer.  Call now cause this is on a first come first serve bases.  You can reach our office at (316)945-3525.
Winter Watering
Watering in winter may not seem like the most reasonable thing.  However, it is quite important to keep moisture on your fescue grass.  Even in the winter season when it is dormant.  Especially, if you over seeded during the Fall.  If the temperature is in the 40's and there hasn't been any rain or snow in awhile, water your grass.  This will help to sustain any new grass and keep your yard looking green. 


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We're happy to come by your house for an on-site consultation. Give us a call at: (316) 945-3525

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